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Irmo Outreach

Irmo Outreach is a group of volunteer workers, some with specialized skills, who provide assistance to residents within The Town of Irmo who are experiencing financial or physical limitations. Irmo Outreach also participates in community improvement projects. We are a small group with limited financial and labor resources and do not provide direct financial aid.  While we cannot guarantee help will be provided for every request, we make every effort to provide assistance based upon individual circumstances and need.

Who can qualify for Assistance?

In order to apply for assistance from the Irmo Outreach Committee, you (or the person for whom you are seeking assistance) must fall into all of the following categories:

You (or they) MUST reside within the Irmo Town limits (our charter does not permit us to work elsewhere)​.

The person(s) needing assistance must own the property needing service or repair. We may be able to perform one-time lawn care with the property owner's permission, but cannot work on physical dwellings if the resident does not own the property.

The person(s) needing assistance must qualify in the category of low income, limited fixed income, or be temporarily unable to perform the functions provided by Irmo Outreach because of illness, injury, or catastrophic event such as fire, or severe weather-related damage.

The person(s) needing assistance with home repair, maintenance, or lawn care must agree that they are not actively selling, or in a period of at least THREE years in the future, planning to sell, the property being serviced.

Please note: Because of our liability insurance requirements, the Irmo Outreach Committee cannot perform work or repairs on the roof of any dwelling, and we are not permitted to cut down or remove trees from a property.

Our Mission
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